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Sandra Phryce-Jones

Sandra Phryce-Jones Fine Art

Bellingen, NSW


Hi , I was born in Kitale Tanganyika( Tanzania) in 1949,and returning to England for schooling ,
were my father Philipe started my love of recording life on paper,
before Sunday school he would draw anything I wished ,he was a brilliant Draughtsman.

I was always getting into trouble at school from teachers for not listening but drawing in class.

Following a move to Australia I went to Art schools in Sydney NSW at..
Meadowbank Technical College,Julian Ashton Art School,and The Royal Art Society.

A freelance career in graphic art for 35 years has helped me to learn different techniques
keeping alive the drive to try to express the artistic recording of images that inspire me...
colours ,eyes, people ,places ,nature and animals.

More recently I have worked/taught for 18 years to ages 6 to 86 , privately
and at our local Adult Education plus Camp Creative,
here in Bellingen NSW Australia,organizing exhibitions for my students and myself .

I enjoy showing all I teach the wonderful world of Translucent Water colours .

Yes the magic of discovering how pure white linen paper shows through translucent,
water colour paint, is a joy that never ends.

Of a limited pallet were you know what the pigments will do and how to lift it off if necessary and
then the wild unpredictability of the hardest to tame medium .

Pure joy ! Bliss!
As my Teacher Frederic Bates once said of translucent Water Colours
"Water Colour... is a series of happy accidents "

Yes but the unbridled joy of trying to tame this medium .it is my never ending Quest .
To fellow artists enjoy your creative talents !
I say...

" if we can capture one person for one minute to view, and get lost in our painting then I believe that we have succeed"

I have work that I have sold and given away all over the world,my aim is to leave all those I love,and those whom help, a piece of myself in a painting .
All my animals images sold a portion goes to KENYA WILDLIFE TRUST,
I enjoy to be part of this site, is just marvelous to witness all the wonderful inspiring work it holds!


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